Same Day Veneers

Same day veneers are a unique service offered by our expert Prosthodontists in order to enable patients to achieve remarkable results of their facial aesthetic appearance and their smile in the same day. Many people have very busy lifestyles and don’t have the opportunity to take a long period of time in order to go through complex dental procedures. This is what makes same day veneers an excellent choice.

Many of the patients who come to our San Diego office are pleasantly surprised about the kinds of results they can get with same day veneers. We’ll explain the entire procedure to you and help answer your questions about how to proceed. Remember, we also offer financing so your dental dreams are closer than you think! You’ll get leading talent working on your treatment plan and creating those gorgeous teeth and smile.

Same Day Veneers 90210 Style

Most patients have to travel for their dental treatment in order to get cosmetic procedures and would benefit from a more private environment away from their personal life obligations and daily work.

This phenomenon, known as medical tourism, has become increasingly popular as patients seek more exclusive and customized cosmetic therapies, such as those available with same day veneers. Same day porcelain veneers are an outstanding option for a non-invasive, painless, and fast way to change your smile forever. With these instant results, it is easy for patients who have obtained same day porcelain veneers to walk away with the smile of their dreams. Same day porcelain veneers are made out of extremely thin porcelain that is added to the facial surface of the teeth.

Same Day Porcelain Veneers Dentist

Without removing any or very little of the tooth enamel, one of our Prosthodontists in our San Diego office is able to change your total facial appearance and smile in as little as one visit. In comparison with the full crowns used for cosmetic reasons that may ultimately damage your tooth enamel by taking away excessive tooth structure, porcelain veneers can strengthen worn down or damaged teeth, close unsightly gaps and change the color of your smile to a more brilliant one.

When this procedure is done correctly by a board-certified specialist, your teeth look youthful once again. Same day veneers are provided by our expert Prosthodontist in the office following decades of experience and the perfection of dental materials, clinical techniques, treatment clinical protocols, and digital technologies that provide non-invasive and wonderful results.

Same Day Veneers Process

During an initial consultation with our expert prosthodontist, the patient will meet with the dentist to discuss cosmetic needs and expectations. The Prosthodontist then uses facial imaging software and digital impressions to scan the face in a static and dynamic fashion.

The purpose of this is to capture the facial expressions. Without removing any or very little of the tooth enamel, your entire smile’s appearance can be changed in just one visit. During the first examination, digital data from photography and live video streaming are all input into specialized software to generate a virtual smile for patients.

The final proposed smile is then reviewed directly with the patient for reverse engineering the entire treatment process to give a customized and designed smile you have been dreaming of. The patient’s participation and input are critical for the overall porcelain veneer treatment process. Patients are fitted during a clinical appointment with a 3D printed model of the new proposed smile and any last-minute modifications or details are then approved and reviewed.

This then leads to the necessary teeth preparations, if any are needed and in the making of digital impressions. The entire procedure for same day veneers is comfortable as well as painless for the patient.

Modern techniques, in addition to technological advantages, remove the vast majority of possibilities for your teeth to be damaged at all. Same day veneers, when placed by an expert Prosthodontist, are an excellent option for transforming your overall appearance. Although traditional veneers, generated by lab technicians, have been used for many decades, same day veneers using CAD-CAM technology can give a convenient alternative and instant results. In just one visit to your dentist’s office, you can address a number of different cosmetic imperfections to achieve gratifying and incredible results.

Same Day Veneers Financing

At the San Diego Dental Health Center, you always have an option to apply for dental financing. Our dental office works with third-party companies that provide dental financing for same day veneer procedures and other cosmetic treatments. They work very similar to credit card companies and after they check your credit, depending on your credit history and worthiness, you will get approved for certain credit limit. You can use your credit limit to pay for a portion or the entire amount of your cosmetic dentistry treatment and pay for it over time. The flexibility of dental financing will make it a lot easier to get your same day dental veneers. If you need to get more than a few veneers and you are looking at a celebrity smile or even a smile makeover, the cost of your overall cosmetic dentistry procedures may be more than what you can afford. With dental financing, you really do not have to worry about it right now! With your good credit, you can get the smile that you always wished for and pay for it over time. This is how many people buy a house. They get a mortgage and pay for it in 30 years. You can take advantage of dental financing in the very same way get the smile that you always wanted. CareCredit is one of the top dental financing providers that our dental offices in San Diego work with.

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