Digital Dentistry

Many people have an impression about dentistry from years past. The use of drills and other tools, in fact, made many people nervous about going to the dentist at all. That meant people never outlined their plan to the smile of their dreams based on this fear. Other patients let their dental care lapse entirely, allowing small problems to escalate into much more serious dental issues in old age.

Dentistry has evolved in a way that allows more accurate and pain-free results. The technology used today helps dentists accomplish their jobs more effectively while also removing a lot of the phobia and anxiety surrounding dental work in general.

This field, known as digital dentistry, continues to evolve. It has been some time since you spoke with a dentist or even had a teeth cleaning that revealed some dental concerns, now is a good time to revisit this opportunity. Your winning smile may be just a few appointments away, and thanks to digital dentistry, the process can be easier than ever.

Defining 90210 Digital Dentistry

Digital dentistry refers to all of the dental devices and technology that include computer controlled or digital components. Many dental devices of the past used electrical or mechanical components.

However, as technology has advanced, therefore you have the benefits for patients going through digital dentistry procedures. Prosthodontists and other specialists in the dental field with years of additional training, recognize the benefits and advantages of digital dentistry.

These digital technologies currently enable our expert prosthodontists to perform more effectively, efficiently, predictably, accurately and in a faster manner, making the practice of everyday dentistry more enjoyable for patients and doctors alike.

Digital dentistry has advanced the field by many years and this means benefits for patients as well as the dentists. While many people have dental phobia about going through with procedures or even attending a routine clearing, you can eliminate those issues by finding a cosmetic dentist in San Diego making use of all the latest tools and technology.

Digital Dentistry Done Right

Our San Diego office is completely computerized with dental software programs that can help to organize the office and allow it to operate with minimal paper thanks to electronic records. Technologies and methods of communications for patients are enhanced through software instruction, 3D video presentations, and live education and consultations.

CAD/CAM and Intra-Oral Imaging

Digital intra-oral impression scanners and facial surface scanners are precise and accurate and are also much less invasive for the patient. CAD-CAM technologies are used in a variety of different dental procedures to make things more precise for the dentist and less invasive for the patient.

CBCT: Extra-Oral Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Cone Beam CT exposes a patient to minimize radiation levels when compared with conventional CT scans. The accuracy and effectiveness of cone beam CT digital dentistry is unparalleled. Treatment planning, navigation implant surgery, and implant restorations are some of the common methods through which CBCT technology is deployed by our prosthodontists.

The improved diagnostic capabilities inside software automatically take measurements and propose implant positions to ensure rapid treatment planning. The primary advantages of CBCT technology include decreased radiation, ease of organization and storage, significant time reduction for procedures, and image enhancements for better viewing.

Other technology used inside our office include:

  • Digital intra-oral photography and video streaming of extra-oral facial features to assist with the evaluation and diagnosis of proposed extensive full mouth dental reconstructions.
  • TMJ occlusion diagnosis using recording data and analysis of the harmonious, bite and TMJ functions.
  • Dental lasers, which replace high speed hand pieces for bone removal and teeth.
  • Electric and surgical implant hand pieces, which replace the vibrating, low torque and noisy air pressure hand pieces; providing a better experience in a more relaxed environment.

Navigation and computer guided implant dentistry are also used by our board-certified Prosthodontists, including the manufacturing and design of surgical guides. Navigation implant surgery technology allows for extremely precise implant positioning and minimal challenges for the patients.

Whether it is lasers, digital radiography, CAD/CAM and intra-oral imaging, shade matching, photography, or patient record management, digital dentistry makes things easier for the patients and the dentists.

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