New Patient Forms

We have Streamlined the Process

If you would like to save time and avoid the distraction of juggling clipboards, cell phones, and insurance cards, we provide our patients the option to complete their new patient forms from the comfort of their homes before they arrive. We have streamlined the entire process into the form of a questionnaire. It reduces the burden on new patients and enables our clinical and administrative staff to better prepare for your first visit. Checking in for a first appointment is quicker and easier.

To access our New Patient Questionnaire, simply click on the button below, or you can complete the forms individually. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our administrative staff at (858) 249-4441 or by email at

Prepare yourself for a new level of dental care.

New Patient Forms Individually

If you would like to complete patient forms individually, simply click on any of the following links for the specific form.

End-to-end Data Encryption for Security

The information you submit is encrypted for your protection and goes directly to our office. Your information remains confidential. No third-party receives or has access to the information you provide us.