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An experienced cosmetic reconstructive dentist practicing in San Diego, while he teaches at the Department of Advanced Prosthodontics at UCLA, School of Dentistry and the Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery and Plastic Surgery at UCSD.

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Dr. Thanos Kristallis has been one of the top Prosthodontists dedicated to cosmetic and implant dentistry, treating celebrities and dignitaries for more than 30 years. His determined desire for perusing further knowledge and the goal of achieving the highest level of human creativity has taken him around the world in order to create new methods, educate and treat patients with the best cosmetic treatment results possible.

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We Create Beautiful 90210 Smiles

We use a process that involves multiple different dental cosmetic procedures to leave the patient with an attractive natural smile. All dental specialties and biological concepts are considered by the prosthodontist before a strategic plan is created for a smile makeover.

Dental Oncology Specialized Diagnostics

Early oral cancer screening, preventive dentistry, correct diagnosis of oral pathologies and appropriate planning and dental treatment intervention is emphasized in our Dental Health Center as these measures save lives.

We Can Offer Same Day Veneers

Same day veneers, when placed by an expert Prosthodontist, are an excellent option for transforming your overall appearance. Although traditional veneers, generated by lab technicians, have been used for many decades, same day veneers using CAD-CAM technology can give a convenient alternative and instant results.

Guided Immediate Implant Same Day Reconstruction

Guided Implant Reconstruction offers many advantages to traditional dental implant methods. All the procedures are planned digitally in advance and therefore with the aid of 3D printed surgical guides, procedures are safer, more precise, and are carried out in less treatment time with less recovery time and discomfort.

Popular Services and Specialties

At the San Diego Dental Health Center, we take a comprehensive approach that considers your personal needs and optimizes your oral health—for life.

Cosmetic Dentistry

The primary focus of our local cosmetic dentists is to enhance the facial appearance and the smile of our patients through varying dental treatment modalities.

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain dental crowns are a popular option for recreating the function and form of the tooth that is damaged since a crown completely replaces the complete external part of the tooth right to the gums. Crowns are used not only to replace your original tooth. They are also used to create a better aesthetic appearance for the patient.

Porcelain Veneers

One of the biggest benefits of porcelain veneers is a broad range of different color, shape and form corrective or altering functions and a life-like appearance, which is why they are some of the most popular and trusted procedures in the cosmetic industry.

Dental Implants

For dental implants, most patients would rather work with a Prosthodontist and cosmetic dentist with many years of experience. Although most general dentists are trained to perform very simple dental implant procedures, for complicated cases a board-certified specialist is a perfect candidate to take over such cases.

Smile Makeovers

Our board-certified Prosthodontists use dental imaging software, dental study models, before and after photos, a dental composite bonding mockup or different methods of trial smile previews of what the proposed extreme smile makeover might look like.

Celebrity Smile

Many of the most common procedures linked to celebrity smiles include teeth whitening alone or in combination with other cosmetic dental procedures. Furthermore, porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns may be recommended to enhance your smile.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

The primary reason that a patient visits our experienced Prosthodontist for a full mouth restoration is because of all of the teeth present in the mouth having severe attrition and wear. Clenching or bruxing of patient’s teeth is the primary reason for teeth to be worn down.

Anti Aging Dentistry

As patients age, there are many dramatic changes that happen to the mouth and the face. The teeth will wear down with age and may appear shorter in length, creating an unattractive smile. As you get older the shape and color of your teeth, and in some severe cases your entire smile may change due to different factors.

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