Anti-Aging Dentistry

Looking for an anti-aging dentist? San Diego is becoming the new headquarter for anti-aging dentistry. Many people from all of the world come to San Diego to consult with experts in aging dentistry. Aging Dentistry refers to non-surgical dental treatments through which a dentist is able to reverse and counteract the impacts of the aging process, without any surgical intervention. Many patients who are seeking anti-aging dentistry and beauty enhancement through cosmetic dentistry procedures must know that with the addition of non-surgical facial treatments, that the patient’s smile may have a much better effect on achieving an attractive facial appearance.

If you’re concerned about your dental work or the lack of it is contributing to an aged look, we can help you. Anti-aging dental treatment plans at San Diego Dental Health Center are based entirely on your end goals, and Dr. Kristallis is a well-known Prosthodontist throughout San Diego for high-quality work designed to address your specific concerns. He is a board-certified specialist with almost 30 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Kristallis is also a UCLA and UCSD faculty member.

Anti-Aging Dentistry

When people start looking for an expert in cosmetic dentistry and anti-aging dentistry in San Diego, they have very high expectations and they want to get the best cosmetic dental procedures from the best of the best. As patients age, there are many dramatic changes that happen to the mouth and the face. The teeth will wear down with age and may appear shorter in length, creating an unattractive smile. As you get older your shape of teeth, the color of your teeth and in some severe cases your entire smile may change due to different factors including missing teeth. Anti-aging treatments are very popular options to address these concerns. It refers to the combination of multiple cosmetic procedures that are used to restore the facial features to their prior youthful appearance. You have an option to visit a regular dentist to address your cosmetic issues or you can always consult with a board-certified specialist with many years of experience. Dr. Kristallis is a board-certified specialist and well know prosthodontist in San Diego. At San Diego Dental Health Center, you are always in good hands and will get the best dental treatment from the best doctors in San Diego.

Consultation with 90210 Anti-Aging Dentist

During your first consultation, one of our expert Prosthodontists and cosmetic dentists will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health. You can ask all of your questions to find out what you really need to do in order to take advantage of anti-aging dentistry. In some simple cases, you might be looking at just restoring your old crowns with porcelain crowns. If you have had some veneers over the years and now you realize that you do not like the shape of your veneers and you would like to replace them with new porcelain veneers, that can also be easily done. Depending on the nature of your facial features and how aggressively you would like to enhance your face, one or more than one procedures may be recommended to you when you meet Dr. Kristallis. After you go through your treatment plan that was exclusively designed to enhance your face, the result can be stunning and very beneficial to the natural attractiveness of your face.

If you are interested in learning more about the anti-aging dentistry process, you may benefit from speaking directly to an experienced board-certified specialist working at our local San Diego office. You want to know that you’re working with the best when designing a treatment plan for anti-aging dentistry. That’s why our office provides such personalized treatment to ensure you know you’re working with a leading team of professionals who work hard to stay on the cutting edge of dental treatments with the best results.

Cost of Anti-Aging Dentistry

Just because you are seeing a board-certified specialist, it does not mean that you will have to face a higher dental bill. Depending on how complex your overall oral health is and how much improvement you really need, your anti-aging dentistry treatment cost may vary. If you need to get dental financing to get your treatments done, we have some good news for you. There are some third-party dental financing that we work with and they are willing to finance a portion or the entire cost of your anti-aging and cosmetic dentistry treatments. They work like credit card companies and after they check your creditworthiness, they will approve you for a credit limit and you can use that to cover a portion or all of your cosmetic dentistry, smile makeover or any other types of dental related procedure that can improve your smile and make you look younger. You will have 6 months or even 2-3 years of time to pay this back. The financing charges depend on your credit and in some cases if you have even less than perfect credit you will still be able to take advantage of these offers to pay for your anti-aging dental procedures.

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