Dental Implants

Looking for an expert to get a dental implant in San Diego? Dental implants have transformed how dentists can replace your missing teeth and San Diego has become the headquarters for it. Before dental implants, people had no other options but to put up with dentures and were not able to chew many kinds of food including hard nuts and healthy vegetables and fruits. With advantages in implant materials and technologies incredible cosmetic results and very life-like restorations supported by dental implants, now give patients a complete rehabilitation of their smile and a mouth with a youthful rejuvenation. Dr. Thanos Kristallis is an expert cosmetic dentist and a board-certified prosthodontist in San Diego, CA with almost 30 years of experience in restorative dentistry and dental implants.

For any dental procedure, including dental implants, most patients would rather work with a Prosthodontist and cosmetic dentist with many years of experience. Although most general dentists are trained to perform very simple dental implant procedures, for complicated cases a board-certified specialist is a perfect candidate to take over such cases. Our office has earned a reputation throughout San Diego because of the personal level of care we provide to each patient. From beginning to end, you know that your best health interests are taken care of and you’ll be assisted along the way and prepared to help maintain your results now and over the long run.

Implants Categories

All on 4 / All on 6 / All on 8 Treatment Concepts

The all on 4 dental implant treatment concept offers the opportunity to our patients to achieve a replacement of their entire dentition in one day. Patients that want to replace their existing dentures with permanently fixed to implants teeth or patients that are in risk of losing their teeth due to decay, broken down teeth or periodontal disease, can take advantage of this surgical and prosthodontic dental technique, to immediately and within one day get their entire dentition rehabilitated. Our office offers the latest 3D Scan CBCT and with the addition of Digital intraoral Scanning, we are able to merge the digital data and create a virtual surgical and prosthodontic plan for our patients. In addition, with our in-house 3D printer, surgical guides are printed to help with the accurate and surgically less invasive and less traumatic placement of the implants in the jaw bones and delivery of the permanent fixed prosthesis (teeth) in the same dental appointment.

Any patient that is healthy and has missing teeth or is in danger of losing their entire dentition due to moderate to severe bone loss or extensive decay, is a good candidate for this dental implant concept. The benefits to conventional implant placement techniques are numerous. Patients undergo less invasive procedures experiencing remarkably faster healing and experiencing fewer complications. The overall treatment time and the overall steps are reduced significantly, without having to undergo extensive, time-consuming and expensive bone grafting procedures. The patients can restore and improve on their the normal appearance and oral function immediately, without having to go through months or years at times of uncomfortable and inadequate chewing and embarrassing cosmetic issues. Our patients can restore their speech, maintain their sense and enhance their self-esteem and sense of well-being without any interruption of their life quality.

The need for excessive and unnecessary bone grafting procedures are reduced as the implants are designed to be placed in the native existing jaw bone, rather than needing to create new bone. Critical anatomical structures are carefully avoided, and the implants are planned and placed in areas of maximum available bone, therefore contributing to the preservation of the existing and remaining bone.

The restoration of the full-arches and mouth is possible within a day taking advantage of scientific developments in the placement of immediate implants and also angulated longer than conventional implants, providing much-improved anchorage for the teeth.

It is our philosophy that every case undergoes customized digital planning and that we place the maximum number of implants without adding any additional treatment time or overall cost estimates to the patient’s case. The concept of all on 6 or even all on 8 is often implemented in our San Diego Dental Center, in order to over-engineer the support for the teeth and minimize the risks to the long-term outcome of our patient’s dental implant full mouth rehabilitation.

The final teeth are re-evaluated at 4-6 months after immediate implant placement and can be modified or new prostheses are fabricated in permanent fashion using ceramic, hi-impact acrylic polymer or Cad-Cam designed and manufactured all Zirconia teeth.

Overall the all on 4, 6 or 8 dental implant treatments, allow us to rehabilitate our patient’s entire jaws within a day, thanks to the technological advantages in digital data capturing, 3D software rendering programs, 3D printing, and CAD-CAM manufacturing. The whole process requires our surgical, prosthodontic and dental technology collaboration on every case, in order to provide our patients with immediate customized full–arch mouth rehabilitation.

Dental Implant Expert

The procedure for inserting a dental implant involves fusing a titanium screw in a patient’s jaw bone. Then the implant is connected to the abutment supporting crown. Many dentures and bridges may not be an appropriate choice for patients. These other procedures don’t consider the fact that real teeth preserve the jaw bone whereas, partial dentures and bridges can harm the remainder of the teeth. Chewing with partial dentures can significantly wear down these materials, weakening the teeth. The American Academy of Implant Dentistry says a bridge typically lasts no longer than 10 years and one out of every three patients have a bridge or partial denture that fails. Full dentures also have significant downsides because they can limit the types of food that a patient may be able to chew and can be loose.

When a dental implant is instead used to replace a tooth, the implant provides jawbone stability without damaging the teeth. The success rate for dental implants is much higher at 97%, according to research completed by AAID and the supporting dental literature research. Furthermore, dental implants don’t have many of the problems that other replacement methods do, and people can enjoy their food with confidence. Four implants can replace the upper or lower teeth, but an implant can also replace just one missing tooth. Fewer implants are needed if the implant is longer.

Those patients who have missing teeth or dentures may benefit from dental implants that can significantly enhance the quality of life and give greater confidence when smiling or eating. A dental implant as an official replacement for a tooth root is typically made from titanium or all ceramic metal free zirconia material. However, you will want to discuss with your Prosthodontist, which is the most appropriate and reliable form of treatment. The primary purpose of any dental implant is to achieve close and immediate contact with the surrounding bone. Dental implants often have some type of internal screw thread that allows numerous different components to be fitted. This gives long-term support for bridges, crowns or dentures.

Single Tooth Dental Implants

If you are missing one tooth, a single dental implant can replace it. The single dental implant replaces both the root of the tooth and the lost original tooth. A bridge may require that adjacent teeth be ground down to support a cemented bridge, whereas there are many different advantages associated with a dental implant on its own replacing a single tooth without sacrificing the health of any neighboring teeth. At the San Diego Dental Health Center, your dental implants will be designed and planned safely, and your oral health and safety is always a top priority. Every step of your treatment will be explained to you in advance and you will have a chance to discuss all of your concerns and ask all of your questions about your dental single dental implant treatment.

Multiple Dental Implants

If you are missing multiple teeth, there is a good chance that your Prosthodontist and cosmetic dentists may recommend implant-supported bridges. Dental implants will be able to replace your natural teeth and some of the roots. Multiple dental implants have the significant advantage of functioning and looking like natural teeth and are able to do so without support from adjacent natural teeth. Since multiple dental implant supported bridges will replace some of the roots of your missing teeth, your bone is better preserved. Dental implants can successfully integrate with your jaw bone, ensuring that the bone is kept intact and healthy. Multiple dental implants are functional, aesthetic and comfortable. Your treatment plan will be explained to you in your first consultation. If you need help with financing your dental implant treatment, you can always apply to third-party financing companies that we closely work with. Upon your approval, a portion or your entire dental implant treatment may be covered by dental financing companies.

Reconstruction Dental Implants

Looking for a full mouth implant supported reconstruction in the San Diego area? If you are missing all of your teeth, a full set of dentures or an implant-supported full bridge may replace them. Dental implants are often recommended for these procedures because they replace both your natural teeth and some of the roots. Dental implants have significant advantages over many other teeth replacement options because they are designed to be long lasting and to mimic your natural teeth. They are also more stable and comfortable than traditional dentures, ensuring that you have better chewing and biting capacity and can restore and preserve your bone support and your facial appearance. Your bone will also be better preserved with full mouth dental implants and full mouth dental implants are both more aesthetic in nature and easier to maintain over the long run.

Same Day Dental Implants

Many people don’t realize that they can get dental implants in just one medical appointment. Revolutionary implant techniques used by our Prosthodontist can help you to immediately replace failing or missing teeth in as little as one day. These highly successful and well-documented procedures should only be handled directly by a specialist, meaning that you may have the aesthetic smile and fixed teeth of your dreams in less than 24 hours. You won’t have to wait for implant-supported restorations to heal, which in the past took many months.

Immediate Dental Implants

Your dentist may be able to carry out same day tooth replacement with immediate dental implants. High-resolution 3D CT scans and Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP) software are often used alongside the Prosthodontist expertise, to ensure that immediate dental implants are possible. The benefits of these immediate implants as replacement teeth have been proven consistently in numerous different cases. These results are virtually the same as more conventional procedures, while also making things much easier for you and using dental implants that are designed to last a lifetime.

Dental Implant Complications

Any dental implant complication should encourage you to visit your Prosthodontist as soon as possible. Risks and complications may occur within the first 6 months after the placement or over the long term. These should always be reported directly to your doctor if you experience these challenges, including lack of stability, implant or implant crown loosening, sinus problems, nerve damage, pain, discomfort, swelling or any signs of infection. Our implant dentistry expert dentists will be able to asses and manage any implant therapy complications.

Cost of Dental Implants

The cost of dental implants will depend on the number of teeth that need to be replaced and how complex your case is. A dental single implant, for example, may cost somewhere between $1500 and $3000. Please keep this in mind that these are just some estimated and average prices and depending on the type of implant and the complexity of the case these prices may vary. If you have to get more than one dental implant and the cost of your treatment becomes a concern, you also have an option to apply for dental implant financing from one of the companies that our dental office closely works with. CareCredit is a very powerful dental financing company and will approve you based on your credit history and creditworthiness.

Dental Implant and Bone Graft Surgery

A bone graft can serve as a solid foundation for your dental implant. In bone grafting, a piece of your bone is removed from another part of your body or your jaw and transferred to your jaw bone. Bone block or particulate substitutes can also be used that don’t require a second donor site surgery. In order to support a dental implant, it may take several months for the transplanted bone to heal and be able to support new implants.

Dental Implant and Gum Graft

When you consult with one of the board-certified specialists at San Diego Dental Health Center, they will take their time to check your entire oral health to find out if you are a good candidate for a dental implant. Some people may not have perfect gum health and in some cases, they might be suffering from gum disease in the areas where they are missing teeth. Dr. Kristallis will go over all of your options and he will inform you in case you may need a gum graft treatment while you are getting your dental implants. Restoring your missing teeth and your oral health is part of Dr. Kristallis specialty and that is why so many people come to his office in San Diego to get their dental implants done.

Navigation Dental Implants

Looking for the latest technology in the San Diego area? Searching for an expert to replace your missing teeth with dental implants? Dynamic navigation technology is the latest advancement in the field of Computer Guided Dental Implantology and is very similar to the technology used by neurosurgeons when targeting brain tumors. This allows for the verification of positional accuracy and is only handled by an experienced and highly specialized Prosthodontist Dr. Kristallis. He is an expert in this field and has many years of experience replacing missing teeth with navigational dental implant surgeries. If you are undecided and need to get a second opinion about your dental implant procedure in San Diego, San Diego Dental Health Center can always help you to answer all of your questions.

Candidates for Dental Implants

If you live in the San Diego area and looking for an expert to take care of your dental implants you can either go to a general dentist or a board-certified specialist. General dentist normally goes through four years of dental school, but board-certified specialists go through an additional three years of postgraduate training through an accredited specialty program. Prosthodontists, in general, have more extensive training and experience in replacing missing teeth and placing and restoring dental implants as part of their specialty’s training. If you are missing one or more front teeth and cosmetic dentistry is also something that you are concerned about, a board-certified Prosthodontist like Dr. Kristallis can give you the right direction and guidelines about how to proceed and replace your missing teeth with dental implants in his local dental office in San Diego. Dental implants are most commonly recommended for adults with good general health and they can only be used after the patient’s jaw bone has stopped growing and are, therefore, not used with juveniles.

Your Prosthodontist will access your general feasibility of getting implant treatment and you will need to answer detailed questions about your medical history to figure out whether this is right for you. You must have a healthy mouth before undertaking implant treatment and also have the right amount and quality of jaw bone. A CBCT 3 D Scan can assess the quality and quantity of bone and also the best location for placing the implants. The total process for dental implants can take a few months depending on the complexity of each case and since each patient is different, you will want to discuss your overall health and medical conditions directly with your Prosthodontist before getting the procedure done.

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