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There’s no reason to put off the dental care you want and deserve. Achieve affordable monthly payment plans and 0% interest financing with CareCredit*.

If you would like to finance your new treatment or are unable to fully cover your out of pocket costs, we have good news. We work closely with a few dental financing companies that are able to take care of your dentistry procedure. Most dentistry procedures are covered, and you’ll have the option to pay for them over time. The terms of your financing are calculated directly by the financing company and after your application is approved, they’ll inform you of your financing limit. Your credit limit can be conveniently used for other cosmetic procedures that are not dental related. You can use it for vision, weight loss, hearing, urgent care, and many other procedures and treatments.


CareCredit is a well know dental financing company and their application process is easy. Like most credit card companies, if you establish a good relationship with them and pay your minimum payments on time, you can request for a credit limit increase after 6 months in case there are more dental treatments or procedures to be done. This privilege will allow you to have peace of mind and flexibility to proceed with your treatment whenever you like. If you have questions about financing or need help on how to apply, feel free to contact us for more information.

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* upon approved credit and when available.