Guided Implant Reconstruction

Guided Immediate Implant Same Day Reconstruction

When you are missing many or all your teeth or are about to lose many of your teeth, we are able to replace your teeth immediately and enhance your smile and facial appearance immediately with a safe and precise fully guided dental approach in as many as two appointments.

By incorporating the latest digital intraoral scanners and Radiological 3D Scans (CBCT) we are now able to offer our patients an in advance digitally planned, fully guided surgical protocol. Therefore, the day of implant placement our patients can be treated with our immediate restorative approach and be able to walk out of their dental appointment for with a full arch implant supported reconstruction.

This approach in comparison offers many advantages to traditional dental implant methods. All the procedures are planned digitally in advance and therefore with the aid of 3D printed surgical guides the procedures are safer, more precise and are carried out in less treatment time with less recovery time and discomfort.

And most importantly you can go home with a same–day smile, customized just for you.

After a healing period of 4-6 months and with the necessary postoperative adjustments the final implant supported prosthesis can be designed and manufactured and the permanent teeth delivered in two appointments. Taking advantage of the latest digital scanning and CAD-CAM technologies that allow us to improve and duplicate the same day teeth while our patients are healing.

A choice of materials for the final prosthesis are available including the highly aesthetic options of all ceramic-zirconia teeth.

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