All Tissue CO2 Laser

All Tissue Laser technology services

All tissue CO2 laser dentistry is a truly revolutionary technology that we have incorporated in our San Diego Dental Health Center practice. The laser can be used as a cutting tool for soft tissue and hard tissue and also bone removal. Therefore, it’s a safe and minimal invasive all-around dental tool. When the laser comes in contact it either cuts or vaporizes the tissues. By generating heat, it can easily and efficiently whiten teeth. The use of the lasers allows us to work much more efficient and smarter making the dental appointment experience much easier for our patients.

Dental Fillings

Cavities can be treated, and all caries removed from the teeth without the need of local dental anesthesia, therefore, eliminating the need for needles and painful injections. By eliminating the need for dental anesthesia, we eliminate the major source of stress, anxiety, and pain for our patients allowing us to offer a faster and easier dental patient experience in the dental chair. We can achieve this thanks to our laser technology.

A lot of procedures can be done without pain and anesthesia.

Eliminating anesthesia removes the obstacles that slow down the patient’s treatment and limits of what can be done in one visit. Anesthesia takes more time than patients may anticipate. Most of the appointment time is dedicated to calming patients, injecting, waiting for numbness and not being able to work in all areas of the mouth at the same time. Without the needle, we can do all the work that the patients may need in one visit.

A zero-anxiety experience.

Our goal for our patient’s appointment is that they all experience a noise-free, needle-free, drill-free, blood-free, suture-free dental visit to our dental clinic. We have been striving to eliminate all the sources of anxiety from the overall dental experience! Therefore, we have been working with Dental Lasers since 2000 and have been able to add the latest laser technology in our office!

Overall by implementing laser technology in all the surgical procedures, we are able to perform surgery with no pain, no bleeding, no swelling, and suture-free. Most gingival and soft tissue periodontal procedures can now be performed with the expectation of predictable and better treatment outcomes, as opposed to conventional surgical interventions. Better outcomes lead to much higher patient satisfaction and this paradigm shift in providing precise and efficient dental care for our patients is an example of the implementation of the latest laser technologies improving the excellence in dental care.

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