The Art of Writing a Radiology Report (Online)


A step by step process for the dentist or specialist in writing a radiological report for patient documentation, treatment planning and communication. This process can apply to intra oral radiograph and CBCT scans. Learn More

Learn how to write a thorough radiological report. A step by step process in writing a radiological report for patient documentation and communication. With the increased usage and availability of CBCT units the general dentist or specialist need to document and describe their radiological finding for proper documentation and treatment planning. The easy and rapid access to images has enabled other non-radiologist dentists to evaluate and interpret radiographs with their own specialty without the need for examining and waiting for radiology reports. General dentists or specialists are responsible to read the entire scan volume. This webinar helps the writing of the dentist observations and enables the creation of a thorough radiological report when the clinician prefers not to refer to Oral and maxillofacial radiology for simple cases. Learn More

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